What is betdecision?

BetDecision is a platform for data data sports betting query, creation of graphs and development and testing of mathematical models on sports betting in the main markets.

How can BetDecision help me?

Each feature of BetDecision has an advantage:

  • In the first place you will have access, in the same web without having to consult several different and heterogeneous sites, to the most relevant and deeper and more detailed data than ever, that have to do with each market. Reliable data and thanks to artificial intelligence processing that allows filtering by result, home / outside, minute … offer a utility of great value.
  • You can create custom graphs, without conforming to the ones offered by traditional websites, facing variables that you consider interesting and obtaining quick conclusions.
  • For the first time a platform allows the use of data mining algorithms with which to create mathematical models of analysis, test and prediction without the need to have programming knowledge or access to specific tools. You choose which games to use, what variables and what system and in a few clicks you will have the results to make the best decision on your bet.

So, do I always win with BetDecision?

You will certainly always gain in knowledge and objectivity about your bets. Every bet has an uncertainty that makes no system infallible. Minimize it with BetDecision. The platform does not make suggestions on where to bet. In fact, each user choosing different parties, different data, will get their own system.

Where do I bet? Do you compare picks?

BetDecision is NOT a quota comparator. You can use it before deciding your bet to analyze which to perform or to check if a good fee you have seen can be profitable. You decide where to bet.

And for Live bets?

BetDecision works in real time. You will have the data as they are happening in the matches of the main leagues.

How can I try BetDecision?

Register at www.betdecision.com and test the features. Do not forget to leave us your opinion to continue improving and be more useful!